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ScanStal sp. z o.o.
ScanStal sp. z o.o.
89-600 Chojnice, ul Gdańska 110D
+48 697742651 +48 609309175
ScanStal sp. z o.o.


ScanStal sp. z o.o Company started its operations in September 2020. We operate in the metallurgical welding industry, and we are a dynamically developing company. We specialize in innovative, reliable technologies and solutions for the construction industry. We create steel constructions, railings, finishing elements for buildings and elements for various types of machines in the industry under the customer's order. We specialize mainly in combined elements - made of rebar as profiles and flat bars - i.e. security products - which are an essential element to strengthen prefabricated structures. We are distinguished by production, serial, repeatable in quantities of tens of thousands per year.


Structural reinforcement elements
Welding MIG-MAG


MIG-MAG welding
Saw and guillotine cutting
Rod bending
with ISO EN 1090 up to EXC 3 class
EN ISO 3834
EN ISO 17660

ScanStal sp. z o.o.