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Metal Processing Cluster

Our vision

The Metal Processing Cluster as a key partner in the metal and machinery industry.

Our mission

Effective assistance in the development of the industry and the members of the Metal Processing Cluster.

the status of the
Key National Cluster,
awarded by the Minister of Economy (now, the Minister of Entrepreneurship and Technology) in 2015. Re-certified in 2018.

the title of the
Ambassador of Podlasie Economy, an award of the Voivodeship executive board and the Podlasie Entrepreneurship Council, which is received by industries of particular importance (2016)

Silver Label of Excellence (ESCA – SILVER LABEL) a certificate awarded to the best European cluster organisations (2017).

Effective cooperation for the development of the sector, exchange of experience, transfer of knowledge and development of human resources.

The Cluster consists of national and European metal and machinery industry leaders with high innovative potential for development.

Over 11 years of cooperation of the companies, universities, business environment institutions and local authorities from Eastern Poland.

The Metal Processing Clusteris an initiative of the Centre for the Promotion of Innovation and Development, which brings together more than 80 companies operating in the metal industry in terms of services, production and trading, and also 20 strategic partners: universities, business environment institutions and local authorities. The members of the cluster include national and world leaders of this industry with a high innovation capacity for development. The initiative is an open group, which may be joined by companies and organisations operating in the metal industry. The Metal Processing Cluster invites to cooperation for the development of the industry.

Cluster specializations

  • machinery and equipment for agriculture and for food industry
  • medical sector: implants, instruments for orthopaedics and traumatology
  • equipment for the yacht industry
  • machinery, devices, steel structures for the building industry
  • metal furniture
  • machinery, devices and mechanical parts connected with metalworking
  • production of LPG systems and installations
  • solutions in the field of electromobility
  • solutions for production automation and robotization
  • specialist cooperative and subcontracting services for the metal industry
  • advisory, IT, and training services supporting the industry
  • solutions in terms of Industry 4.0

Planned revenue growth for Cluster companies

Planned revenue growth for Cluster companies

revenue in thousands PLN

Development directions

  • implementation of joint technological projects connected with the introduction of new products, creation of consortia for the development and implementation of innovations, research and development
  • actions supporting internationalisation of innovative entrepreneurship and international expansion of the cluster companies
  • institutional cooperation with clusters and organisations to increase the competencies of employees of the companies and the quality of vocational training of future employees
  • cooperation in the field of subcontracting services in terms of metalworking
  • preparation of human resources for the needs of the industry

Our values

  • people, their knowledge and capabilities
  • collaboration based on trust
  • innovation and flexibility
  • mutual benefits

Cluster board

Sebastian Rynkiewicz
Sebastian Rynkiewicz
Centrum Promocji Innowacji i Rozwoju
Katarzyna Bieszke
Katarzyna Bieszke
Michał Charkiewicz
Michał Charkiewicz
Prof. Roman Kaczyński
Prof. Roman Kaczyński
Politechnika Białostocka
Marek Karabowicz
Marek Karabowicz
Jarosław Kozak
Jarosław Kozak
Technology Applied
Adam Ławicki
Adam Ławicki
White Hill
Justyna Suchocka
Justyna Suchocka
Artur Zawadzki
Artur Zawadzki