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ART-MOTOR Leszczyńscy Rutkowscy Sp. J. is a family company that exists on the market since 1983.
Wspieramy klientów w rozwiązywaniu problemów związanych z procesem pakowania
A manufacturer of spare parts for off-road vehicles
We manufacture machines, equipment and parts in response to a specific problem and need, starting with an analysis, concept…
Metal–Fach Sp. z o.o. is the leading manufacturer of farming machinery in Poland.
NOTA Precision Engineering Company is a private company. For many years, it has maintained its position in the market for…
Zbiorniki magazynowe, buforowe, mieszalniki procesowe, zbiorniki fermentacyjne, zbiorniki sterylne, zbiorniki ultra clean,…
We offer all kinds of metal parts, devices, machines and technological lines, with automation and robotics.
Services in the field of widely understood metalworking
Provides services to companies from the mechanical metalworking, machine and tool manufacturing industries
Dry construction sections .Solid and proven solutions for the construction industry
Production equipment construction