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IT processes → Dedicated software

Aksony is a company that invented a system for managing creative group meetings which enable individual work.
The Alnea Robotics participates in the Alnea Group that creates solutions for the industry in the field of automation and…
Asami's mission is to create solutions for industry based on modern, affordable industrial robots.
We have been creating solutions for manufacturing companies for over 10 years. We have knowledge and experience in the area…
It implements circuit designs from several to several layers with the use of various types of substrates.
Intratel has been integrating IT solutions since 1997, combining engineering knowledge with professional IT strategy…
Autonomous decision-making system for production management
We are a company specializing in developing dedicated software solutions.
Provider of IT systems for document, project, product and technical process management
Designs and manufactures electronic devices and components dedicated to industries
At Softmetal Jacek Wojtkowski, we develop software and applications to help people work better.
We provide CNC machining services in 2.5, 3, 4 and 5 axes
International Company - leader in innovation. We create dedicated solutions in the IT industry, software, low and high…