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Centrum Promocji Innowacji i Rozwoju
Centrum Promocji Innowacji i Rozwoju
15-540 Białystok, ul. Żurawia 71
+48 85 722 24 56
Centrum Promocji Innowacji i Rozwoju
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Sebastian Rynkiewicz Prezes

Sebastian Rynkiewicz

The Centre for the Promotion of Innovation and Development owes its creation to a group of scientists, entrepreneurs and independent professionals committed to the development of Podlaskie Voivodeship and to increasing its competitiveness. The CPID supports collaboration between science and industry based on sustainable development, as well as the exchange of knowledge, technology and modern organisational solutions. Coordinating the activities of the Metal Processing Cluster, the Centre promotes the metals and machinery industry at the most important national and international trade fairs. The association also realises a number of development projects for cross-border and international cooperation.