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Stand with disposable gloves and disinfectant

Stand with disposable gloves and disinfectant

Product characteristics


In the current global epidemiological situation, disposable gloves and disinfectant are already mandatory, especially in public spaces. Access must also be both easy and sterile. A glove rack and hand disinfectant will ensure tidiness and increase hygienic safety.

Technical parameters:

  •  Possibility to level the stand with levelling feet
  • Glove holder for disposable plastic/foil gloves(I) or/and glove box shelf (II)
  • Shelf with holder for disinfectant
  • Frame for the bag 60 l
  • The movable drop flap

In the first version, the glove holder/glove pin allows you to hook a bunch of plastic gloves (disposable plastic/foil gloves). The second version is equipped with a shelf for a box with disposable gloves. You can put any liquid bottle on the shelf for disinfectant (diameter of the hole 102 mm) . The design of the frame for the bag allows you to easily mount a plastic bag with a capacity of approx. 60 l, into which used gloves can be thrown. The movable drop flap makes throwing in easy way, at the same time reducing the need to touch the surface of the stand to a minimum. It is possible to make a stand with or without inscriptions (in the chosen language). The stand is sold without equipment.

Dimensions mm:

  • H 1550 x W 400 x D 305
  • glove box shelf 247 x132 mm (W x D)