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UIBS Teamwork Sp. z o.o Sp.K.
UIBS Teamwork Sp. z o.o Sp.K.
44-100 Gliwice, ul. Daszyńskiego 1/2B
+48 32 722 86 08


IPOsystem is the result of a 10 year-long collaboration of programmers, managers and engineers from UIBS Teamwork. Our company’s crucial area is the research and development of decision-making mechanisms in complex design, manufacturing and management processes as well as tools and methods for autonomous resource control and of the interaction between AI SYSTEM – Human – Machine and Machine – AI SYSTEM – Machine.


IPOsystem - Intelligent Production Organisation System
Smart Factory
ADS - Autonomous Decision System


manages production process on its own (makes and realises decisions about order and share of work in real time)
distributes jobs to every worker in production hall (halls)
manages workers and controls their work quality and deadlines
responds in real time to every deviation in completion deadlines of each technological operation
automatically corrects production plan
collects information on production proces
precisely calculates lead times of particular orders allows to manage lead times of orders
provides simulation on lead times of new orders
manages logistic and supply