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SAT Surfaces Advanced  Technology
Surfaces Advanced Technology sp. z o.o.
05-820 Piastów, ul. Warszawska 49/51
+48 609 100 415
SAT Surfaces Advanced  Technology


Surfaces Advanced Technology provides services to companies from the mechanical metalworking, machine and tool manufacturing industries. The activity focuses on the application and implementation of unique technologies aimed at increasing the durability and reliability of products. S.A.T continues over thirty years of experience of our employees who, working in the tool and metal industry, have successfully solved many problems that are often also problems of our customers. Our company continues the traditions of Surface Advance Technology s.c., which has been operating on the Polish and international market since 1991. Our experience is based on many years of cooperation with the largest companies in the world, as well as with small companies.


Heat treatment
Thermo-chemical treatment (diffusion boron)
Detonation spraying
Technological consulting in the field of materials engineering


Diffusion boriding is an alternative to carburizing and nitriding. Boron layer hardness up to 1800HV, and for carbide products 2000HV. It enables the strengthening of details with very complex shapes, including internal surfaces. Detonation spraying - application of coatings by spraying. Process temperature up to 80ºC, the highest adhesion to the substrate, porosity up to 0.1%, no changes in temperature and structure of the substrate. Speed of sprayed powder up to 1200m/s. The technology is used to deposit metal powders, i.e. iron and nickel alloys, carbides, oxides, cermets and others on metal substrates.

SAT Surfaces Advanced  Technology