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SONAROL Sp.j. Najda
SONAROL Sp.j. Najda
18-420 Jedwabne, ul. Polna 27
Fabryka Maszyn i Konstrukcji Stalowych
18-421 Piątnica, Jeziorko, ul. Przemysłowa 40
+48 86 211 20 20
SONAROL Sp.j. Najda


The company Sonarol Sp.j.Najda is a multi-branch enterprise. The main activity profiles are: P VC and aluminum joinery production, p roduction of agricultural and industrial machinery and steel constructions, p roduction of foamed polystyrene boards. From the beginning of its activity, the company was associated with the sector of metal products, which were manufactured both for the company's own needs and for external entities, including lines for the production of polystyrene foam, steel structures of halls, car bodies, racks for transporting windows and glass, containers for profiles. In 2014, with support from EU funds, a modern plant was launched where front loaders and loader accessories are manufactured. The company also constructs industrial machines, such as milling and stacker machines, foil cutting machines, assembly tables (e.g. for HS doors).


Front loader
Multifunctional gripper
Foil slitter (slitter)
Assembly table for HS doors
Steel constructions
PVC windows


Design and implementation of machines and equipment
Laser and plasma cutting
CNC milling and turning
Sheet metal and pipe bending
Powder coating
Automation of production processes

SONAROL Sp.j. Najda