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SOFTMETAL Jacek Wojtkowski
15-521 Białystok-Zaścianki ul. Modrzewiowa 49


At Softmetal Jacek Wojtkowski, we develop software and applications to help people work better. Our team of IT enthusiasts and business process experts work together to create the applications. We strongly believe that what we create should be transparent, useful and practical for all users of our applications. Thanks to our membership of the Metal Working Cluster, we are aware of the need for an application to support production. is the answer to this need – speeding up the creation of valuations and supporting the timely delivery of goods and services.


The application is dedicated to companies in the metalworking industry. It supports the ordering of metal products in small or medium quantities. Instant access to all production orders allows you to easily prioritise your tasks and complete your order more quickly. Valuations can be prepared more easily and more frequently. In this way, you can speed up the production process, deliver orders on time, serve customers better and improve punctuality.


Quick creation of quotes based on quoting history
Timely delivery through better planning
Faster decision making due to ability to view all orders at once
Convenient and simple data entry
Prioritisation through visualisation of production