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Przędsiębiorstwo Wielobranżowe Droznak
Przędsiębiorstwo Wielobranżowe Droznak
15-157 Białystok, ul. Wiklinowa 52
+48 509 706 852


P.W. DROZNAK was founded in 1985 by Zenon Jaszczuk.

Invariably since then, we have been producing vertical signs and elements of road safety. We support road development through the production of road signs that meet applicable standards. We combine the knowledge, experience and effort of many people to improve our production technology. Several dozen years of work has resulted in solutions that are currently used by many road managers, budget units, companies with Polish and foreign capital. The highest quality of our products is based on solidity of workmanship and attention to the smallest details. In 2017, we expanded the range of offered assortments to horizontal painting in thin-film and thick-film chemo-curing technology. Thanks to that, we are now able to carry out comprehensive marking of new roads or renovated sections of routes.


Vertical and horizontal road sing
Sales of road safety components
Road barriers
Municipal and company information system
Elements of factory safety
Parking locks
Plotter film cutting
Designing of reflective elements


Comprehensive road marking
Powder painting
Cutting and bending of sheets
Pipe bending with a mandrel bending machine
Plotter cutting and foil printing
Applying the foil