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PRO – INOX Sp. z o. o.
PRO-INOX Sp. z o. o.
Zakład Produkcyjny w Marcinkowie,
Marcinkowo 16 A, 11-030 Purda
+48 896 728 800
PRO – INOX Sp. z o. o.


Pro-Inox as a production plant, manufactures, supplies, assembles and services storage tanks, buffer tanks, process mixers, fermentation tanks, sterile tanks, ultra clean tanks, CIP tanks, acid resistant steel structures, platforms and platforms . The company works under the ISO 9001-2015 quality system, is authorized to manufacture pressure vessels in accordance with the guidelines for this type of equipment in force in the EU ( according to UDT and TUV regulations). It also meets the requirements of GMP and HACCP. The Company's priorities are: honesty in business relations, attention to the highest quality and timeliness of projects carried out, openness and flexibility of forms of cooperation, courage and a willingness, professionalism.


Acid-resistant steel tank type equipment for industries:

Dairy, food, chemical industry
Pharmacy, cosmetics
Breweries and polmos
Juice and beverage producer


Production and spinning out of conical bottoms
CNC plasma cutting
Grinding of planes
Grinding, polishing of tanks and bottoms
Rolling of metal sheets
Service and assembly

PRO – INOX Sp. z o. o.