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GIM Sp. z o.o.
GIM Sp. z o.o.
26-800 Białobrzegi, ul. 11 Listopada 60
+48 609 849 543
GIM Sp. z o.o.


    We support clients in solving problems related to the packaging process. Thanks to the acquired knowledge and experience, we help:
  • increase packing efficiency
  • reduce production costs
  • increase the comfort of work by reducing monotonous and repetitive activities
  • reduce the number of packaging errors

    We design and manufacture packaging machines, incl. for:
  • fasteners wholesalers
  • manufacturers of screws, mounting elements (metal, plastic)
  • furniture manufacturers
  • window and door manufacturers
  • lighting manufacturers


Machines for picking 1 or 2 elements
Machines for picking 3 and more elements
Machines packing elements by weight
Vibratory drives and feeders


Designing machine structures in SolidWorks
Technical analysis
Design and implementation of automation systems
Mechanical processing: CNC milling, manual turning, WaterJET cutting, CNC sheet bending
Manual welding

GIM Sp. z o.o.