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GIM Sp. z o.o.
GIM Sp. z o.o.
26-800 Białobrzegi, ul. 11 Listopada 60
+48 730 565 900
GIM Sp. z o.o.


We are a company engaged in the design and construction of machinery to improve production. We offer customized solutions to our customers' technical problems. Our engineers provide technical advice, ideas and experience. To date, we have designed and built, among other things, machines that pack workpieces into boxes and bags, automatic unloading machines, automatic feeding machines for lathe equipment. We offer our customers: machine design and construction, technical and operation documentation and instructions, employee training, warranty and post-warranty service.


Plastic bagging machines for packing items in plastic bags (picking of 1-2 items or 3 and more)
Vertical bagging machines and belt checkweighers
Automatic part counting machines and warm glue cartoners
Vibratory weighing machines and box-pallet tippers


Design of machine structures in SolidWorks
Technical analysis
Design and implementation of automation systems
Machining: CNC milling, manual turning, WaterJET cutting, CNC sheet metal bending
Manual welding

GIM Sp. z o.o.