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GAWIN Jarosław Gawin
GAWIN Jarosław Gawin
77-131 Płotowo 17a
Produkcja: 77-100Udorpie ul. Chełmińska 25
+48 504 210 520
GAWIN Jarosław Gawin


The GAWIN company is a modern, dynamically developing company, operating since 1995. The area of the hall is 2100 square meters equipped with an 8-ton overhead crane. It specializes in wet painting for the railway, offshore, military, automotive and other industries according to customer needs. Equipped with the most modern machinery for the preparation and application of paint coatings. Equipped with its own laboratory that allows to obtain ISO standards, it allows you to confirm the performance of the service with the necessary certificate. The coatings made are characterized by durability, resistance to mechanical and chemical conditions, adapted to a specific order.


Blast processing
Sealing (silicone)
Securing and packing
Wet hydrodynamic painting


We offer professional preparation of elements:

degreasing, washing, washing
sandblasting, shot blasting
protection of threads and unpainted surfaces
application of sealing compounds

GAWIN Jarosław Gawin