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DEMARKO Steel Services
DEMARKO Steel Services
41-605 Świętochłowice, ul. Sądowa 19
+48 32 770 94 40
DEMARKO Steel Services


We are a family company that has built up a strong, stable and well-established position on the European market during 30 years of activity. We provide comprehensive steel processing and manufacture of trailers for oversized transport. Extensive equipment, technological background and experience as well as systematic workstations modernization with specialized tools and quality control equipment allows for the production of compound welded structures of large size. Final products are used in such industries as: construction of machine, agricultural machines, rail vehicles or offshore. Our machine park with over 35 CNC machines enables the realization of large-scale deliveries for the commonly known global concerns.


Termal cutting (laser, plasma, gas)
Forming (bending, straightening, rolling)
Machining (milling, beveling, turning)
Welding (MIG / MAG, TIG, robot welding)
Surface preparation (automated through shoot-blasting, manual chamber shoot-blasting, fine shoot-blasting)
Anti-corosive surface treatment (wet coating, powder coating, zinc spray galvanizing)


The client receives support already at the design stage. Having many years of experience in steel processing, we are happy to advise our customers on technological issues. Our modern machines and equipment allows us to produce precise elements and welded structures that meets highest branch standards.

DEMARKO Steel Services