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D-TECH Sp. z o.o.
D-TECH Sp. z o.o.
15-113 Białystok, ul. Andersa 40A
+48 607 036 263
D-TECH Sp. z o.o.


We have been creating solutions for manufacturing companies for over 10 years. We have knowledge and experience in the area of IT infrastructure, user support, programming, industrial IT, data analysis. Our goal is to digitize your production processes and deliver the results that your business requires. To achieve this, we implement custom, multilingual software that meets the needs of the production company. We support company from various industries. We are currently working on adapting solutions for manufacturing companies in the Industry 4.0 model. Thanks to knowledge, experience and technical competence, we offer our clients the best solutions supporting production processes.


ICT Services
Data analytics
flexiMES IIoT - Manufacturing Execution System
CyMMeS - Computerised Maintenance Management Systems


Design, delivery and launch of IT infrastructure
Management, maintenance and security of ICT environment
Integration of systems and databases into a coherent information system
Increased efficiency of processes by extending access to data
Implementation of custom system supporting production (CyMMeS, flexiMES)
Integrating sensors with existing systems (retrofitting)

D-TECH Sp. z o.o.