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B&K Precision Machining Sp. z o.o.
B&K Precision Machining Sp. z o.o.
02-672 Warszawa ,ul. Domaniewska 37, lok. 2.43
+48 22 208 77 27
B&K Precision Machining Sp. z o.o.


B&K Precision Machining is a full cycle production company. We offer CNC machining of parts according to your drawings. We work with all types of metals and their alloys as well as with plastic. Our company takes care of the complete manufacturing process: you just need to send us your drawings and you will receive fully finished parts right on time. B&K Precision Machining works with drawings of any format. We always have enough raw materials in stock to start production. Our machine park includes modern CNC turning, milling and turn-milling machines. Our company also provides post-processing of the parts at our own capacities. B&K Precision Machining is ready to offer in-house anodizing and additional services such as bending, welding, engraving etc.


Turning Services
Milling Services
Additional processing


B&K Precision Machining provides turning and milling services on CNC machines. We manufacture parts of any complexity from aluminum, steel, stainless steel, brass, bronze, titanium, and plastics, according to our customers' drawings. Our company makes all the types of anodizing coating in-house.

B&K Precision Machining Sp. z o.o.