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ASAMI  Sp. z o.o
ASAMI Sp. z o.o.
15-540 Białystok, Żurawia 71, pok. 4.21
+48 665 558 860
ASAMI  Sp. z o.o


Asami's mission is to create solutions for industry based on modern, affordable industrial robots. The company offers a universal six-axis robot, equipped with a standard gripper, allowing it to transfer small elements or components. Robots can function as support elements for an existing technological process, especially for human beings at the workplace. Roboticization allows for stable production parameters, high precision, reliability and efficiency, therefore increasing productivity. The proper use and configuration of robots could result in the deployment of one piece flow production – that is, the creation of individual pieces rather than a series of articles.


Asami's cooperating robot
The technological instrumentation of robots
Comprehensive roboticization of production sites


Operation of production sockets
Transfer, placement and assembly of components
Dosing of adhesives or sealants
Protecting workers' health by replacing them in dangerous activities
Soldering electronic components

ASAMI  Sp. z o.o